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2015 Cincy United Cup

August 22-23, 2015

Please click here to register for tournament

Please direct any questions you may have to our Tournament Director:

Joe Wuest at 513-379-6770 or Email at Joseph.Wuest@hillshirebrands.com

^^^All coaches must complete the Concussion Certification
 and parents must receive 
the concussion information 
sheet. See registration page for more info.^^^

The Cincinnati United Cup (formerly the Arsenal Challenge Cup) was born in 1995 as the Sycamore Arsenal Club Classic and hosted 80 teams that first year. Since 1995, the management of the tournament has put one goal above all else ... to provide the most challenging, rewarding and unique soccer experience possible for teams of higher skill levels.

The Cincinnati United Cup invites all elite, premier, "A" & strong "B" level teams from throughout the United States and Canada to apply for entry into the 250 team field.

The tournament hosts the following divisions:
Gold - Elite and Premier level teams
Silver - Lower Premier, "A" level teams teams
Bronze - Lower "A" and strong "B" level teams

Applicants will be selected and bracketed according to the following general criteria with the objective of forming the most competitive divisions possible:

- strength of league record
- strength of league or division
- recent tournament play & competitive level of tournaments selected
- ranking in Gotsoccer.com
- state cup/regional/national results
- past performance in the CU CUP or CU Elite Invitational
- other competitive/geographic factors

(The Director of Competition and/or the Tournament Director may make exceptions or adjustments to the above guidelines in order to balance the competitiveness of certain divisions, depending upon entries)

The CUCup's central communications vehicle is this web site. Teams will find all information about the tournament here.

All teams accepted into the CUCup will be notified by e-mail and directed to this site to obtain the forms necessary for Friday evening registration. NO ACCEPTANCE PACKETS WILL BE SENT.

The CU Cup Scoring Services Group will provide real-time scoring of all play during tournament weekend. By applying for the CU Cup, your team agrees to permit the taking and posting of event photographs, including game action, as well as off-the-field human interest shots. If your team has concerns about the posting of game photos, please do not apply to this event.

The Cincinnati United Cup is staged by the parent volunteers of the Cincinnati United Soccer Club who take enormous pride in making the CU Cup an outstanding soccer experience. They are directed by the Tournament Committee: 

Tournament Directors - Joe Wuest
Assistant Tournament Director - Bobby Puppione, David Robertson

  • When: August 22-23, 2015
  • Where: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Ages: Boys & Girls U8-U14 (trapped 8th graders accepted)
  • Deadline: July 31st, 2015

Mandatory team registration for teams will be held from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. on Friday, August 21, 2015. Tournament Registration will take place at the Marriott Northeast.

Go to registration page for more information.


The tournament is open to currently registered USSF league or association teams comprised of no more than the maximum allowable number of players for their respective age levels. All teams must be currently registered and in good standing with their state, national, or provincial association, and hold a valid US Soccer player pass for the current seasonal year. Passes will be inspected prior to the start of each match. USYS and US Club teams are accepted.

A minimum of 3 games are guaranteed. All games will be played in accordance with FIFA Laws, except as modified by Tournament Rules. Tournament Rules are posted on this website and can be downloaded for print.

Age Groups
Boys & Girls U8 through U14.
U8 and U9s and U10s will play 6 v 6
U10s will also have a 8v8 division if interest is there
U11s will play 8 v 8
U12s will play 8 v 8 and 11 V 11
U13s and U14s will play 11 v 11 (trapped eighth graders accepted)

Mandatory team registration will be held from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. on Friday, August 21, 2015 
at the Marriott Northeast in Mason, OH.

Teams should bring the following official team information to the registration event:

A. TEAMS FROM THE UNITED STATES - For teams from the United States:
1. The Players must present picture identification cards issued by the team's Federation Organization Member (USYS, AYSO, other)
2. Teams must provide proof of approval of the team's participation from the team's Federation Organization Member. Copy of Roster (validated by your state association)
3. Teams from outside the State Association where the tournament is located must provide proof of permission to travel. Teams must be in good standing with their Federation Organization.
4. Guest player form (if you have a guest player)
5. Medical Release Forms completed and signed. (every player)
6. Tournament Liability Form completed and signed. (signed by every parent on team)
7. Concussion Certificate for all carded coaches, coaches concussion verification form and parent acknowledgement form (see registration page)

8. Hotel Information Form ***Remember you must stay at one of the approved hotels and present this hotel form

B. INTERNATIONAL TEAMS - For a team coming from a CONCACAF nation:
1. Teams are required to have and present player picture identification cards.
2. Teams must have a completed form from its Provincial or National Association approving the team's participation in the tournament. Copy of Roster (validated by your association)
3. Guest player form (if you have guest players)
4. Medical Release Forms completed and signed. (every player)
5. Tournament Liability Form completed and signed. (signed by every parent on team)
6. Concussion Certificate for all carded coaches, coaches concussion verification form and parent acknowledgement form (see registration page)

7. Hotel Information Form ***Remember you must stay at one of the approved hotels and present this hotel form

Teams may not play without having registered under penalty of forfeiture of games and entry fee.

Forms to Download and bring to registration:

- Tournament Liability Form

- Concussion Verification and Parent Acknowledgement Form

- Tournament Hotel Form

Visit the CU Cup Registration page for these forms and more information.


A USSF three-man referee system will be used to the maximum extent possible for all matches with emphasis on divisions U-12 and up. USSF Registered referees, who are in good standing and who wish to referee, are encouraged to sign up via our website - 



Please visit our hotel information page for more info.

^^^We do not know yet which fields age groups will be playing at because 

of schedules, conflicts, and more. Thanks for your patience.^^^

Each player on the Championship and Runner-up teams will receive a custom tournament medallion. A team trophy will be presented to the Championship and Runner-up teams.

Tournament T-Shirts
Information will be coming in regards to apparel for the tournament.

Medical Releases
In compliance with the USYSA Youth Soccer Tournament/Games Hosting Agreement, it is mandatory that 2015/2016 medical authorizations for each player be presented at Registration and retained at the field by the team. No player may play without a valid medical release under penalty of forfeiture of the game played in. These medical release forms do not need to be notarized.

2015 Tournament Application
The Cincinnati United Soccer Club utilizes online registrations for all of its tournaments including the 2015 CU Cup.


All Entry Fees must be postmarked by July 29th, 2015 to guarantee consideration. All late applications will be put on a wait list for review. Upon acceptance, the fee is non-refundable. If your team is accepted and later withdraws, the entry fee is non-refundable and sanctions will be placed against your team/club for future participation in Cincinnati United Events.

Check or Money Order Payments:
All Check or Money Order entries must be postmarked by July 29th, 2015 and should be made payable to the Cincinnati United Cup. All entry fees received through check or money order are deposited immediately and refunded within 2 weeks of non-acceptance. Teams must include with your entry fee your teams “certificate of entry” or copy of e-mail entry confirmation. Payments should be mailed to CU Cup, C/O Joe Wuest, PO Box 42589, Cincinnati, OH, 45242-0589.

Entry Fees:
Travel Divisions:
$350 for U8 and U9 and U10 -- 6v6 divisions

$450 for U10 -- 8v8 divisions

$475 for U11 and U12 -- 8v8 divisions

$525 for U12, U13, and U14 -- 11v11 divisions (trapped 8th graders accepted)

Entry Fees should be mailed to:
CU Cup
c/o Joe Wuest

PO Box 42589
Cincinnati, OH 45242-0589

Acceptance and Schedule
Participation is not final until acceptances are announced in early August 2015. Acceptances will be posted on the Tournament Website.  Schedules should be posted 7 days prior to events.  Please note some matches may begin at 730am and teams may have early morning matches each day to avoid conflicts for coaches while giving teams plenty of rest between matches.

Please direct any questions you may have to our Tournament Director: 
Joe Wuest at 513-379-6770 or Email at Joseph.Wuest@hillshirebrands.com

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