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Below is the accepted team list for the 2022 CU Bradford Cup:

Need teams in the following age groups:


U11 - second divison - 1 team

Please look at the below list as well as brackets and send any comments to cuelitedirector@yahoo.com.

Bracket request changes will be considered until Thursday, August 4th.

U9 1st Bracket A    
Lakota FC B14 Red
CUSE B14 Arsenal
CUSM 14B Accrington
CUSE B14 Barcelona
U11 1st Bracket A
CUP 12B Black
Club Ohio 12B Pre-National
CUP 12B Gold
Indiana Fire 2012B IDP
2nd Bracket A   Bracket B
Cincinnati United Arsenal   CUSM 2013B Auxerre
CUP 12B South   Indiana Fire 2012B Red
TFA B13 Elite   CUP 12B North
U12 1st Bracket A   Bracket B
CUP 11 Gold   Club Ohio 11B Pre-National
CUP 11B North   CUP 11B Black
Indiana Fire 2011B Red   CUP 11B South
2nd Bracket A
TFA B11 Elite
CU North 11B Elite 1
CUSE 11B Arsenal
U13 1st Bracket A
Oak Hills Premier
CUP 10B North
CUP 10B South
CUSE 10B Elite
SLSG IL B 2010 Elite
U14/15 1st Bracket A
CUP 09B Black
CUP FAll U15
CUP 09/10 KING
u14 2nd Bracket A
CUP 09B Silver
CUSE 09B Elite
FC Storm B09 Premier
CUP Black 10
GIRLS BRACKET Bracket A   Bracket B
U9 1st CULM 14G Atletico   Club Ohio 14G Academy I
Lakota FC G14 Red   FC Storm G14 Orange
DFA Northmont 2013G Black   CUSM 14G Auxerre
U10 1st Bracket A
Indy Premier 2013G Elite
CUSE 13G Arsenal
Club Ohio 13G Academy I
CULM 13G Angel City
2nd Bracket A
Lakota FC G2013 Gray
Indy Premier 2013G Elite II
ISC G13 Strikers
CWSC G13 academy Elite
U11 1st Bracket A   Bracket B
LFC_G12_Red   CUP 12G South I
KHA South G12 Red   Indy Premier 2012G Elite
CUP 12G North I   Club Ohio 12G Pre-National
2nd Bracket A   Bracket B
LFC_G12_Grey   CUSE 12G Arsenal
CUSE 12G Barcelona   TBD
CUP 12G South II   CUP 12G North II
U12 1st Bracket A   Bracket B
Cup 11G South I   Indy Premier 2011G Elite
KHA G11 Red   CUP 11G North I
Club Ohio 11G Pre-National   KHA South G11 Blue
2nd Bracket A
Cup 11G South II
Indy Premier 2011G Elite II
CWSC G11 Academy Elite
CUP 11G North II
3rd Bracket A    
STAR Crushers    
Lakota FC G11 Red    
Cincy SC G11 Premier    
CUP 11G North III
U13 1st Bracket A   Bracket B
CUP 10G Gold   TFA G10 Elite
KH ECRL G10   Indy Premier 10G United
CWSC G10 Academy Elite   CUP 10G Black
2nd Bracket A   Bracket B
CUP 10G North I   LFC 2010G Red
BUSC G10 Purple Lightning   Indy Premier 2010 Elite
Tempest FS Indiana Lady Ninjas   Cincy SC G10 Premier
Mercury G10 West1   CUSE 10G Elite
U14/15  1st Bracket A   Bracket B
TFA G09 Elite   CUP 09G Gold
Lakota FC G09 Black   Indy Premier 09G United
Elite 64G   Polaris SC 09G Navy
CUP 08G Fall Team   KH ECRL G09
2nd Bracket A   Bracket B
TFA G09 Premier   CUP 09G Black
CUP 09G North I   Indy Premier 09G Elite
Polaris SC 09G Gray   CWSC G09 Academy Elite
3rd Bracket A
Mercury G09 West 1
Cincy SC G09 Premier
CUSE 09G Elite
KHA South G09 Red